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Headache covers symptoms in both skull and upper neck regions, resulting from either migraine, tension headache, cluster headache, sinus and etc.


There are two main categories of headache, namely, Primary and Secondary Headache. Primary headache refers to the pain orginated from head, including Tension Headache, Migraine, Cluster Headache and Trigeminal Neuralgia. As for Secondary headache, it is the painful symptom developed subsequently after original medical diseases. For example, high blood pressure can cause headache.

Tension headache is the main reason for headache, which can account for 90% of clinical headache cases. Patients would usually complain of pain over forehead. Tension headache usually related to tight fascia of scalp, and it can deteriate with emotional stress. Patients might also complain of aphobia, overdosage of anathesia, or long term emotional stress. What is more, Neck tightness could also cause neck pain.

Pulsative headache usually relates to blood vessel origin, and it can further differentiate into migraine or cluster headache. Majority of pulsative headache are due to migraine, and only 1% is caused by cluster headache. According to result of prevalence study, 60% of migraine sufferers would complain of one side symptom and they also suffer hyper-sensative to light and noise. The patients would mailnly be female, aged 22 to 55, and be too sensitive to light and noise. Furthermore, type of migraine can also looked into and divided as usual or typical. Lots of people complaint of signs, such as transmit impairment in visual, tactile sensation, and motor control. Usual migraine can last for 4 to 12 hours, while typical migraine sustains within 1 hour. As for the frequency of attack, on average, it would be about 1.5 monthly, 10% of them would suffer weekly, while 15% of migraine patients would have symptoms for 15 days in every month.


Flow chart for migraine diagnosis:





  • 手腕痛 衝擊波

    Promote healing from chronic inflammation.

  • 手痛 針灸

    Local or systemic analgesic effect

  • 手痛 拔罐
    Cupping Therapy

    Release chronic muscle tightness

  • 手痛 手法治療
    Manual Therapy

    Adjustment of upper neck joint

  • 手風濕痛 中醫中藥
    Chinese Medicine Remedies

    Calming down and improving sleep quality

  • 手痛 拉筋練力運動
    Stress Management

    Strengthening for improve neck posture






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