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Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Herbal Chinese Medicine, Cupping, Focused Shock Wave, Physiotherapy, Exercise Therapy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is originated in ancient China, with more than 2500 years history under the principles of TCM.

Chinese Medicine Clinic Hong Kong

TCM doctor would make individual diagnosis according to sign and symptom of patients. TCM has well established theory, physical examination, diagnosis and prescription system. The main theory includes Yin Yang and Five element philosophy. Basically, body types can be categorised into excessive or insufficient constitution types, and drug prescription would be depended on body conditions.

Our Herbal medicine are manufactured into granule form. To prepare herbal tea, patients just need to put the granules into a cup and mix with 300 ml hot water.


Traditional Chinese Medicine FAQ

Is Chinese Medicine safe, and are there any side effects?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is pretty safe with two reasons. Hong Kong has very strict regulation on Chinese Medicine production, and all prescription needs to be registered and checked by department of health. Secondly, the basic requirement for manufactory would be Good Manufactory Practice (GMP). The Chinese Medicine has been registered would have safety protection.

Is concentrated Chinese medicine granules as same as raw herbal powder?

No. The concentrated Chinese medicine granules would have better control of quality and safety level of Chinese medicine. In Hong Kong, Chinese Medicine Prescription granules need to be registered under strict law and regulation. The safety of public is well protected.

What is the benefit of herbal medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine can help for regaining healthy balance. It works as it strengthen body constitution and immune system. What is more, Chinese medicine is nature and no problems of addictions.

How can patient prepare herbal tea?

Whenever patients want to take it, they can mix the Chinese medicine granules with hot water, and it is convenient to spend only few minutes to prepare the herbal tea. It not only saves time but also be effective.

What is the diseases Chinese Medicine can treat ?

Chinese Medicine has thousand years of history and it serve for the pubic health for very long time. Traditional Chinese Medicine works for many kinds of diseases, for example, pulmonary, digestive, reproductive, vascular systems conditions. It is a natural way to regain body balance and health.




Lo Man Kin, William

Mr. Lo received full time training in Physiotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. After working in orthopaedic clinic, he gained lot of experience in treating different kinds of pain condition. He has great interest in integrated medicine and like to explore the ancient medical knowledge. He is now also serving as the committee member of one of the course in Hong Kong St John Association, write for the column and promote acupuncture in radio program.