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Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Herbal Chinese Medicine, Cupping, Focused Shock Wave, Physiotherapy, Exercise Therapy.
Cupping Treatment Hong Kong

Cupping treatment is utilising cup and fire to generate and sustain suction force over treated area, lifting up skin from deeper tissue to generate therapeutic effect.

Dry Needling Treatment Hong Kong

Dry needling (DN) is different from acupuncture. DN mainly aims for trigger point management, while acupuncture covers all medical symptoms, according to TCM theory.

Moxibustion Moxi Treatment Hong Kong

Moxibustion is an Chinese medicine topical treatment. It utilises acupuncture points but it is believed that the effect is different from acupuncture.

Shockwave Treatment Hong Kong

Shockwaves Therapy is a non-invasive acoustic wave form treatment, effectively relieving pain and promoting heal from chronic inflammation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Hong Kong

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is originated in ancient China, with more than 2500 years history under the principles of TCM.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Hong Kong

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which uses needles to stimulate the specific points on our body to facilitate flow of Qi, or energy, in order to heal pain and diseases. 

Who We Are?

We are an complementary and alternative medical clinic in Hong Kong, provide acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and physiotherapy services. 

Aims of this website is to help pubic to know more about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), understand more about commonly seen illnesses. 


The medical or health advice provided aims for support, not replace, the relationship that exists between site visitors / patients and his / her existing medical  practitioners. 



We welcome and it is accessible for wheelchair user.

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Hong Kong Acupuncture Clinic

Where to find us?

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